Conversion Rate Optimization CRO is the technical and systematic marketing optimization process that increases the number of visitors to grow the business. It is a total understanding of the behavior and attitude of the visitor towards the website. The desired action is to avail of the sale or service on a web page.

What is Conversation in CRO:

A conversion in CRO is when a visitor achieves a site goal. There are specific alternatives to attain a site goal. Even the different websites of the same genre compete on the same platform. 

The Conversion is the achievement on the website that a visitor visits. Even if the visitor doesn’t buy a product or service, signing up for your website is also an achievement. 

Example of conversation goals:

The primary goal of the conversation is to utilize your website for product sales. It is called the 

  • Macro Conversion. Likewise 
  • the appointment for a service, 
  • Creating an account 
  • selling of product 

All lies under the examples of conversion goals.

What is the Conversion Rate:

The Conversion happens after the visitor makes it to your site. This Conversion is different from conversion optimization SEO. Conversion Rate is the number of times a user can complete your site goal divided by your site traffic.

Likewise, there are specific alternatives like if a visitor concerts in every visit, like buying a product, then divide the number of conversions by the number of visits. In terms of subscription, divide it by the number of users. 

How to Calculate Conversion Rate

There are specific attributes in calculating the conversion rate when the user converts whenever they visit a site. 

Suppose you own an eCommerce website. A visitor comes and makes purchases each session. You will want to optimize so the visitor will make as many purchases as possible. If a visitor came into your site three times, then it will be three sessions. It will then be the three opportunities to convert. 

During these sessions, how the visitor will behave:

Sessions First: No conversion to leads. The visitor just roamed around the site and scrolled.

Session second: The user made their first purchase. This is the Conversion to lead. 

Session third: In the third session, the visitor came again and brought two more items in one visit from your site. However, the Conversion will count only one time.

To find out the conversion rate, we would get the unique purchases from your site divided by the total number of sessions. 

The imaginary visitor of your site, they converted two times out of three. So the conversion rate is 66%. 

To find out the complete conversion rate of your site, you will divide all the unique visitors by Conversion. For example, if 500 outstanding orders come from 5000 sessions. Then the conversion rate will be 10%. 

Now, if the user can only converse once then, the conversion rate will be 100%. 

When the particular order of your site is divided by the unique user of your site, if the individual mandate is 500 out of 2500 unique users, then the conversion rate is 20%. 

Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization:

There are many outrageous benefits that you can get from using CRO. There is a lot of potential and encouragement in using CRO. Following are the most beneficial alternatives that you can get from using CRO. 

Increase in understanding customer behavior: 

By conversion rate optimization, you can easily understand customer insights. You can better understand the critical audience. Conversion helps you find the authentic audience of your site. 

Increasing trust:

CRO dramatically helps in increasing the trust of a visitor. When a user shares their identity, a Money Transfer card email address identifies the user’s confidence. 

Beneficial Scalability:

CRO lets you grow and expand your business even without recourse. There isn’t an infinite audience. By just converting the visitors into buyers, in this way, you will be growing your business without running out of essential customers. 

Good user Experience:

When a visitor comes into your site and gets what they desire, then they feel empowered. This gives you a better user experience. When the user feels empowered, they feel comfortable to move around your site, and in this way, it gives you a better experience. 

The key towards optimization of website:

It is an obvious fact that every person optimizes to get more conversions. To optimize conversion rate comprehensively, you must know what to optimize and who to optimize for. This information is the basis for successful optimization. 

Method of analytics:

This method lies under quantitative data analysis, which gives visitors to your site in terms of numbers. There are different tools to use to analyze the data. One of the most recommended is Google analytics. 

Using an analytic method, you can fundamentally know how people or visitors behave and do on your site. Moreover, it gives the following information:

  • What type of people comes to your site, whether they are student employees or old people
  • Which is the feature which they attract the most
  • What is the medium or channel that brought them
  • Which browsers and devices they are using

This type of information helps you in making better efforts for your site.

The People Method:

First, when you have a large website with so much content, you can better analyze with quantitative analysis. The analysis makes you use your efforts in which areas where they interact and why they interact. All these attributes help significantly in developing a better CRO.

You will always go for those users who are loyal to you. You will optimize for your ideal users. By doing surveys like site surveys testing the user and satisfaction surveys, you can get your customer intentions quickly. 


Conversion Rate Optimization is one of the best ways to grow a business. Nothing can foresee converting customers to leads—the reliable way of increasing the benefits of all the websites or businesses. Once you start it, it will never disappoint you. It is the way of doing business online.