Unbelievable Success: 122 Facebook Ad Leads at Just $1.90 per Lead – A Real Estate Case Study

Say Goodbye to Expensive Zillow Contracts and Hello to High-Converting Facebook Ads

Are you a real estate agent struggling to generate leads with costly Zillow contracts? Meet Falina, a realtor who faced the same challenges until she came to us. In this case study, we’ll show you how we helped her achieve an incredible 122 leads at just $1.90 per lead through a highly effective Facebook ad campaign, even without her own listing!

The Challenge

Falina was locked into an expensive contract with Zillow, paying thousands of dollars per month for their services. Despite this investment, she was barely seeing any results or leads from the platform. Frustrated, she approached us to help her generate leads and convert more clients.

Our Solution

We started by analyzing her target audience, creating a highly-targeted and engaging Facebook ad campaign. This campaign was designed to capture the attention of potential clients, even without Falina having her own listing.

Highly Targeted Facebook Ads: The Secret to Massive Lead Generation

We crafted a visually-appealing and attention-grabbing ad campaign with powerful imagery and persuasive copy. This combination, paired with precise targeting, drove the right potential clients to Falina’s ad, turning them into qualified leads.

• Visually-appealing ad design
• Persuasive copywriting
• Precise audience targeting

The Results

The results were nothing short of amazing. For just $235.12, we generated a whopping 122 leads, which translates to a cost of only $1.90 per lead! Each lead provided their name, email, phone number, and time frame to buy, allowing [Real Estate Agent’s Name] to follow up effectively and close deals faster.

✓ 122 leads generated

✓ Cost of $1.90 per lead

✓ Complete lead information for effective follow-ups

Falina's Ad Case Study

This case study proves the power of a well-executed Facebook ad campaign for real estate agents. By targeting the right audience and using attention-grabbing images and copy, it’s possible to generate high-quality leads at a fraction of the cost of Zillow contracts.

Don’t let expensive contracts hold you back from achieving real estate success. Contact us today to learn how we can help you generate high-converting leads with Facebook ads.

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