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National Campaign in New York City, NY
$2,280 Spend/Month
$2,280 Spend/Month
43 Keywords on Page 1
28 Keywords ranked #1 on Page 1

SEO Strategy

Our client joined us in January of 2019. They are a joint venture between 3 companies that offer advertisers a robust and seamless solution to reach more than 6 million households across the United States. With campaigns on over 80 hit cable networks, their group of advertisers have the ability to strategically reach television and digital audiences through linear, addressable TV, and IP technologies.

Their ultimate SEO goal was to rank within New York City before moving on to rank nationally. Before working with us, they were ranking locally for some of their keywords, but nearly all of their rankings were on pages 7-10 of Google.

Based on the content of the client’s website, information about their industry, and what they were ranking for already, our team created a strategic list of keywords to target and dozens of custom blogs and articles to help them dominate in their industry.

Within 6 months, we massively elevated their status online. They now have over 40 keywords on the first page of Google, with 28 of those keywords in the #1 spot. We are so proud we’ve been able to help this client grow their business and look forward to more success in the future!

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