5 Main Reasons a Strong Website is Important For Nonprofits in 2020

While web design is usually not at the top of the list when it comes to nonprofit organization, a well-developed website is one of the most important assets an organization can have. Having readily available information, interactive design, prominent call to actions and great story telling can help any nonprofit to reach the goals they have set. In this article you will find out the 5 important reasons every nonprofit needs a strong website.

1. In today’s world when anyone wants to find out information on any organization, the first place they go to is their website; so, your website should be communicating everything someone should know about your organization. Your Website should be the epicenter of your brand. Your website should highlight all that your organization does and all that it believes in. Every page on your website should clearly illustrate the mission of the organization, so that every visitor gains a complete understanding of who you are and what it is that you do.

2. Having a bad or outdated website will hurt your organization. If an individual is interested in donating or engaging with your organization online and they come to a very outdated website that does not reflect any of your recent works or accomplishments, it may cause them to conclude that there is nothing going on. This can cause potential contributors to walk away and create a reputation that your nonprofit is not successful. Developing an environment that shows all the good things you have accomplished as an organization will boost engagement with the public and make people want to get involve.

3. Having a website you can direct people to, will make sharing information easier and it will improve the visibility of your organization. A good website that you're happy to share with others will add value to your organization. Being able to link to it in your emails, newsletters and social media post will allow people to learn more about your work and it will help to spread awareness for your cause. This can also work the other way around, having an outdated website that may be hard to navigate can make your organization look illegitimate, and make people wary about interacting with you.

4. Having a website that is visually pleasing will give of a positive impression of your organization. Utilizing proper website design to develop an interesting and informative website will pull visitors to your organization's mission. You can use design elements to create a look and feel that engages your visitors in a strategic way. A great design allows the organization to tell their story and draw people to their cause.

5. Developing a functional website will give your visitors the ability to interact with your organization directly. A hard to navigate, confusing and poorly built website will cause your visitors to be frustrated and push them to minimally engage with your organization. Developing ways for visitors to donate, view event calendars, register for events and volunteer all within your website makes it easier for your organization to connect with your audience and also for your audience to connect with you. It also allows you to increase support on many different levels.

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